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Sawadee Ka From Andaman Auctions

Since 2012 Andaman Auction has brought lost treasures to the marketplace. CEO Jenjira Chitphimai is a 2010 Graduate of Maejo University in ChiangMai, Thailand.  Jenjira came to the USA in 2011 and was intrigued by the popularity of auctions, flea markets, yard sales, etc, which did not exist in her native country  She began searching for items in Eureka, but soon found herself in San Francisco looking for more. Unable to hold yard sales in her neighborhood, Jenjira sought an outlet for her burgeoning business and settled on eBay.  But as her offerings became more refined, they outgrew the eBay marketplace.  Since 2015, Jenjira has exclusively held live auctions on  Jenjira is currently married to her husband, David. They have 2 wonderful little boys: Miko and Tiger, and a Shih-Tzu named Sunshine.

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